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  POPULATION Population is defined as the total number of people living within a country or a geographical areas at a particular time. Population, in other words, refers to the total number of children, adults (men and women), youth (boys and girls) living in a given geographical area, which may be a town, village or country, at a specific time. The study of population is very important for many reasons. Such reasons include the determination of the working population, allocation of resources, the availability of labour etc Population Census Population census may be defined as the head count of all nationals of a country at a particular time. It refers to the counting by government of all the children, boys, girls, men and women, including the disabled, in a country at a given period of time. Censuses are usually taken every 10 years. When a series of censuses has been undertaken properly, it becomes easier, using the rate of growth, to estimate the population between the periods of co